Fun & Games in Earl’s Court

Hi guys! Hope everyone is looking forward to the holidays!

Airbrushing at the Ideal Home Show Christmas

Karina at work in Earl's Court

Karina showing two customers my picture books

We’ve had a lot of fun at the Ideal Home Show, Michiel 'Kader' setting was great seeing a lot of new faces at our stand! It was a bit of hard work, breaking up after the show and getting everything back to the studio, but hey… you can’t make it happen sitting down ;)

Above is Karina, showing two visitors some of my work. She’s great to work with, love her enthusiasm and she’s a smart one too! We always have a lot of fun when she’s around!

This is me ‘enjoying’ myself with the hardware. It only took about 3 hours putting up the mesh, since we forgot to bring an electric drill / screwdriver lol.

Custom Custom Custom Airbrushing…

SEB in Blue & GreenWe had a lot of custom orders and of course I did loads of them at the stand at Earl’s Court. Here are a couple of shirts I sprayed at the event.

MAX in All Blue





I airbrushed a lot of full colour graffiti shirts. I wish I had more display space, because I usually end up airbrushing the colour schemes I have on. Saying that, I love my Blues, call me Muddy Waters ;)

Follow the link above if you don’t know Muddy, a real legend still doin’ his thing, rockin’ crowds like never left! Man-child!

AYAN Airbrushed in Orange Yellow and Blue OutlinesESSE in Yellow and Orange



Another classic graffiti colour scheme: Orange & Yellow with Blue Outlines. A popular choice! :)

It’s one of my favorite colour schemes, next to Hot Pink & Purple. Some guys think that Pink & Purple are girly colours, maybe in a dress, but on a wall (or T Shirt) they’re not. They’re just hot ;)

Look up Crime Time Kings or The Chrome Angels if you need proof haha!

Everybody needs good neighbours ;)

Ricky & her dad at Earl's CourtWe had lovely neighbours at the show: The Art Academy‘s Ricky Klein and her team of girls were great, we definitely had some fun. Here she is, with her father wearing a shirt I airbrushed with their logo. He did it as a surprise for Ricky and he refused to take it off after :D

The Art Academy Dress Shirt

This is the shirt still on the board, just after I finished airbrushing.

I will post some more stuff from the show soon. I’m working on the custom work orders that we received at the show. Some really interesting ones, I will update you soon!

News & Competitions!

Great news (especially for me lol) is that I showed Naa how she can use the blog, so she’s going to be blogging about her jewellery projects soon! I’m really looking forward to that :)

Also, we will soon draw a winner out of the many folks who signed up for our free custom T shirt competition & we will also pick a winner for the free custom hoodie, from one of the customers who bought a shirt at the show. We will contact the winners soon and post the results.

Which also brings me to announce that we will have a couple of free T shirt giveaways in the next couple of weeks and months so keep on the look out. It will probably be on our facebook page (huh? A&W is getting busy on facebook?! apparently so ;) but we’ll have a link here as well, of course!

Hope you guys enjoyed :)

Michiel aka Kader


FINALLY! We can blog on our site :))

It’s taken a while but we’re finally up and blogging on our own site! Wow, what a trip it’s been.

As some of you might know we were approached by the organisers of the Ideal Home Show, to see if we were interested in exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, at Earl’s Court from 13-17 November. Of course, we took up the offer and have been working hard at getting it all together in time.

At times it was very challenging, since we had to combine working towards the show with our regular jobs and commissions, but we are glad we did it and learned a lot along the way. We’re at the last stages now and things have really taken shape. Very excited, I think, is how we both feel.

Karina, who works with us when Naa has her Jewellery out in Greenwich every first Saturday of the month, will be helping us out during the five days, as well as Amarnah, whom we know from Greenwich market as well. Two lively, lovely and generally fun girls whom we both hold dear, and we’re really looking forward to having them with us at Earl’s Court.

If you’re coming down to Earl’s Court, we really hope to see you there at the Gifts Section, Stand 1D100. Make sure you take advantage of a 10% DISCOUNT OFFER on event tickets. Visit the website or call 0844 209 7330 and quote “EXHX13″ to get your discount.